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(Archived) RFE: sync with imap

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Request for enhancement:

Currently EN3 can only sync with an EverNote account. But there's imap support (still considered alpha) for the mobile version, so there is an imap library which EN3 (the 'grown up' client, not the mobile one) could also use.

I'd like to be able to store and retrieve notes from an imap account (one I can choose myself, not a special EN account). Since all notes are html anyway, that should be possible.

And hey, if the imap lib could handle attachments, that might even lead to the often requested feature of attaching files to a note!

I've been using EN2 for a long time and came to really like it. The search and tagging features were what I liked most because it allowed me to find notes fast.

In EN3, the tagging feature is a major step back from EN2, so for me, the whole advantage over other solutions is pretty much gone, especially considering that other solutions (while they have their own disadvantages) usually have features EN2/3 is missing (attaching files, encypting whole notes or databases, ...).

So now, I'm using a combination of Thunderbird (i.e., mails=notes) with some custom scripts, GDS and IMAP to store my notes - even though the search in TB is slow and doesn't work always as expected, I can use GDS for searching. And I get free sync with my IMAP account, can attach any files I like to a note, can encrypt the notes/mails, ...

While I still use EN3 for gathering info quickly, all notes I want to keep for longer (not just the same day) I move over to my IMAP account and handle them with Thunderbird.

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