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Using Select note in the Insert Link modal breaks keyboard navigation

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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a note and press Ctrl + K to insert a new link.
  2. The Insert Link modal opens:
  3. Press Tab twice to move focus from Text to Select note.
  4. Press Spacebar to open the Select note modal:
  5. Press Tab 1 + N times (where N is the number of notebooks listed) to navigate to the Cancel button.
  6. Press Spacebar to select the Cancel button and close the Select note modal.

Observed behavior:

Focus returns to the note itself, and the Insert Link modal remains open until Backspace is pressed or the mouse is used to select Text or Link. Note that because of this, users on keyboard-only setups can never add internal links through this workflow.

Expected behavior:

Focus returns to the Insert Link modal which can continue to be navigated with the keyboard.

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This loss of keyboard focus happens to me too with Ctrl-K.

Because I generally want the link text to be the same as the note title, I generally use the "Add note link" (Ctrl-Alt-K) vs "Add / edit link" (Ctrl-K) to link to a note the first time. Interestingly, the Ctrl-Alt-K doesn't have the same problem.

This same loss of keyboard/focus happens on the Mac too.


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