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Many notes are blank, missing all content

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NB: I've also placed a support-ticket on this, but if it can be resolved by community/forum it will ease the support.

About half of my notes suddenly appears blank/empty although I know there's text/content,
some were edited in March/April, some haven't been edited since 2014-2022.

Issue appears exactly same (same notes) in Windows 10 app 10.60.4 (latest) and in web/browser access to notebook.


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I am having a similar issue since this morning, not yet resolved. I can see some notes in preview but they do not load - they are about 1 year old. Very stressful as the content is NB. Any news on the problem? This happens on windows, web and android so must be server side. 

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When I first reported this issue, many notes appeared blank/empty in both Windows-app and Web-app,
but later when I browsed my damaged (?) notes they "re-appeared" in the Web-app (using a Chrome browser, Windows 10) temporarily getting a new Edit-date.
After that (viewing the note in Web-app) the "damaged note" then appeared ok in the Windows-Evernote-app, again temporarily getting a new Edited-date but soon getting its old edit-date back.

So after flipping through all my notes in the web-app, all my (42) notes are now ok in all apps!
A bit bothersome, but I'm happy that I lost no data.

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