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IFTTT edits to notes show up in preview, but not when I actually open the note (Mac & iOS)



I have had an IFTTT applet linking my Alexa shopping list to an Evernote shopping list for years now, and it's stopped working in recent months. Finally I got around to checking what's going on, and I think this is a problem on Evernote's end.

The applet is set to append anything I add to my Alexa shopping list to an Evernote note called "Shopping list". (For debugging sake I changed that note to "AKA shopping list" – which is what you'll see in screenshots below)

IFTTT shows everything working correctly, but something weird happens when I open the Evernote mac or iOS app.
When I look at the note in Preview, I can see the content added by IFTTT... but when I click into the note it's not there:



Exactly the same thing happens on my Mac app: content is visible in preview, but not in main note view.

I've tried forcing a sync, and it does nothing.


Mac app:
10.59.5-mac-mas-public (5236)
Editor: v174.13.3
Service: v1.70.3

iOS app:10:53





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