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My app and files gone

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Option: Most likely you reinstalled or logged into a different account. First, login on www.evernote.com and find out if your notes are there. Report back to fellow users in this forum, they might help you out.

Option: Create a support ticket with questions to evernote about this, describing your case, steps you took.

Option: Is it possible you updated version 6 to a recent version 10? Many others had local notebooks and think they lost their data. In that case if you reinstall version 6 alongside version 10, you will find your notes again. (Then you can transfer your notes in 6 to version 10...don't stick to version 6. It will get a neckshot soon probably and will stop functioning. For now it is possible to export from version 6 and import to version 10 for offline notebooks. 

Side note: It seems you've never made back-ups, tried to restore those, etc.. That's not good practise in case of important notes that you cannot permit yourself to lose. See here how to make proper back-ups, after you recovered your lost ones: 


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