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(Archived) How works sync

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I need believe how works sync: web --> local or local --> web ?

I have two computers (two local bases). I think Evernote synchronized oldest database on newer database and I lost a lot of notes!

It is possible?

What is the best way to manage two local databases on two computers (or in a computer and in a phone)?

Excuse my english and thanks


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I need believe how works sync: web --> local or local --> web ?

Both. It's a true sync, so any notes that may have been added directly to the EN servers (via web client, chrome clips or emails sent to your EN email address) are loaded down to the local database. Any notes or changes you've made to the local database are sync'd to the EN servers. I don't see how EN would have loaded an older database over a new one. You should check both computers for notebooks named "conflicting changes." If you had changed the same note on both computers but not sync'd them until later, a conflicting notes notebook will be created & put one of the notes in that notebook. In this case, you'll have two versions of the same note, so you'll need to find the other one & compare them both & see what you need to change in one or the other.

When using multiple clients or multiple computers, you need to be diligent about sync'ing that computer up to the EN servers. Then when you go to the other computer, sync the changes down to that computer.

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