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(Archived) Native scanning support

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Evernote has already had a number of "entry points" for user to collect information into the system, but it still lacks a native support for inputting physical documents/papers. While taking photographs is the major (and only?!) option in evernote, recognition of content/resolution/OCR reliability can vary drastically.

It poses a serious question: is what I put into evernote really securely and consistently collected in the system? With evernote's goal of creating a ultimate collection of users' memory, imagine a scenario of hundreds of thousands of notes over the years, and a new note you place is lost in the ocean of information without being recognized properly - It's like losing a single book in a big library.

Evernote is good enough to avoid the above in webclip/text, but given a well developed OCR engine, a native scanning support of document will ensure a reasonable reliability in the collection process. This way, users do not need to keep nagging and worry if their information is lost.

Sorry for the long post. Just my 2 cents~

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I've got a Futitsu ScanSnap; and I can scan straight into EN3 just fine. Just had to create the application profile in the ScanSnap software. Works very nicely indeed. Maybe I misunderstand what folks mean by "native scanning support."


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