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  1. I second this. Similar to this feature, if Evernote can have an option to render webpages into a more readable format, such as those in Instapaper/ReadItLater or even readability, many will welcome and be absorbed into Evernote's user base in the long term. I don't mind if this is a premium feature initially to justify the cost, but eventually EN may push it to everyone (when revenues balances out the investment).
  2. Hi, Same as title. I'd like Evernote windows to open maximized, and I would like the tray icon to load at windows startup. However, whenever EN tray loads at startup, the first time I open EN is always in smaller window mode. This is irrespective to my EN shortcut setting. Is there any command line switch I can add to the EN tray icon shortcut to make sure EN opens maximized? Strangely, this problem only happens to me in the most current release - it was saving the window state when I last closed EN before.
  3. Evernote has already had a number of "entry points" for user to collect information into the system, but it still lacks a native support for inputting physical documents/papers. While taking photographs is the major (and only?!) option in evernote, recognition of content/resolution/OCR reliability can vary drastically. It poses a serious question: is what I put into evernote really securely and consistently collected in the system? With evernote's goal of creating a ultimate collection of users' memory, imagine a scenario of hundreds of thousands of notes over the years, and a new note you place is lost in the ocean of information without being recognized properly - It's like losing a single book in a big library. Evernote is good enough to avoid the above in webclip/text, but given a well developed OCR engine, a native scanning support of document will ensure a reasonable reliability in the collection process. This way, users do not need to keep nagging and worry if their information is lost. Sorry for the long post. Just my 2 cents~
  4. Thanks! I overlooked the feedback link. I suppose that's a more formal way to submit bugs? I submit the information above in the feedback link. Hope it can be fixed. Thanks again!
  5. ^^It's a busy forum...the post is already at the bottom. Does it ever get to developers' attention?
  6. Hi I reported previously a clipping problem in Chinese web content http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=6036, in which evernote lockup for half a minute or hang completely and I have to close it from TaskManager. While this particular behavior is not fixed in the new 3.0.0582, I notice the same lockup happens when I copy Chinese text from MS word (Office 2007). The lockup is particular prominent with large amount of text. Loading of large number of English text is quick, loading large amount of Chinese takes substantially longer. Upon clipping from a Chinese webpage/Word document, the program locks up; same thing happen when I try to search the tag that contains the Chinese note. I'm not sure if this only happens to large text, as the lag time for small text is not as long. I find it helpful to copy the original text from web/word to windows wordpad first and then copy/paste onto evernote from wordpad. Then loading is substantially faster and no serious lockup is observed even for large documents. I'm not sure if it's because wordpad removes some html/xml format codes from the notes. At any rate, this render evernote clipper completely useless for Chinese content. Evernote is by all means a wonderful concept and program. I'd be most grateful if this problem is addressed. Thanks a lot!
  7. Here it is ~ http://www.phpbb88.com/phpbb/viewtopic. ... yland&p=92 Thanks a lot! Hope this can be resolved soon. I haven't checked if there's other place having problems too. I pasted the content on notepad first, and then copy and paste from notepad to evernote. Then it's okay (at the moment).
  8. I clipped a Chinese (traditional or simplified) webpage content when I'm using EverNote beta (27550), the client drags super slowly and sometimes even hang when I load the note back up. It does not matter if I don't see the notes (i.e. just clipping it with the web clipper but never open it), but the same things happen if I load it up. Then I'll have to delete the notes (with long delay), close the client and relaunch. Any possibility that this can be resolved? I am Chinese and a lot of information I'd like to remember are in Chinese. Thanks a lot!
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