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I am using the most current version of the beta.

When I press the TAB key, the cursor shifts over to the right, which is good. It is also one spot, instead of being padded with spaces, which is also good.

Now the tab shifts the current line from the begining. If you are further back into the line, it still just shifts the entire line from the begining.

You can not delete the tab by backspacing. You have to undo it.

The entire paragraph shifts. Should there be a way to just indent the first line? As in a new paragraph indent?

Keep up the great work!


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This is a limitation of our current HTML editing engine which has no support of real Tabs. Previously, on pressing the Tab, it would insert three spaces, which is of little value. We decided to make Tab / Shift+Tab to work as 'Indent block' / 'Unindent block' commands, which makes it much more easy to work with multi-level lists.

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The use of the key to indent is much preferred over using the - keystrokes.

I must have missed that in the update notes. I also must say I really like it since I have been using a lot of indenting to format for email "conversations", this will make it a bit easier to remember. :lol:

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