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(Archived) Wherefore Art thou "Switch Name"?

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The new Windows client doesn't have the menu item "Switch [Account Name]" in the Account menu. I used to be able to switch account with 2 clicks. Now I have to:

1. Close the Account (Account > Close) - 2 clicks

2. Move to the Switch Login dialog box and click the down arrow for the User name field - 1 click

3. Select the name from the pulldown menu - 1 click

4. Click OK - 1 click

That 5 clicks plus moving the mouse to find the Switch Login dialog.

The previous method (Account > Name) was much more elegant. For someone like myself who has a separate work and personal account and switches often between such, this change is not very welcome. Please reconsider this change.

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I'd like to second this request, there are definitely times when we want to have completely different accounts and not just different notebooks

Also it would be useful if the windows client could be allowed to remember the different passwords associated with each account (should we choose to have the password remembered)

It doesn't give me additional security to have to get the password out of keepass for my alternate account when I am switching between the two, it just slows me down


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