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We have some reports in the last time of data loss. It seems to be related to the new syncing method. EN support is aware of the problem and says they are working to fix all syncing errors.

For all notes there is notes history running in the background. It saves older versions of notes on the server. To access it, one needs to be on a subscription.

In the cases of data loss there were mixed results with using note history. Some could recover content, others not. 

If notes are completely missing, note history is lost as well.

So I think it is a gamble for you: You can subscribe for a month and hope to be able to recover content. But in these cases related to new syncing, success is not guaranteed.

As another user I can only sympathize with you. EN released the version 10.58.3 these days. They say it holds first fixes for the problems - let’s hope they did a good job !

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