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This circle with marching ants is the symbol for downloading notes for offline use.

This means in your app settings, Offline Access you can select all notes, some notebooks or only a few notes for download to the device.

Once downloaded, the green ants marching around the symbol disappear, leaving a grey circle with down arrow as symbol that the note is offline available.

Everything including the symbols is found in this help document:


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My experience is this: 

Download may take hours or even days. The app needs to be active. So put the phone on the charger, deactivate the autolockscreen and keep the app active in the foreground. It got faster, but it still runs a long time.

Selecting „all notebooks“ can lead to a stalling. It is like the app can’t decide which to load first. Better to load by notebooks, selecting 2-4 at a time, adding another when one is done.

This is for the initial download. The download of new notes is usually fast and happens while you use the app.

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