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When I go to the Tag view, scrolling is incredibly slow and not smooth. It looks like trying to render the thumbnail for each tag is taking a while to refresh. I would be satisfied with a list of tags from me to choose from instead of seeing thumbnails...

Anyone else experiencing this problem?

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I wouldn't say that mine is "incredibly slow". It take a second (or two max) to refresh when I scroll a page. I have 75 distinct tags, may be you have more? But it could be the phone itself that is slower (I have a Galaxy S) ?

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Yup, same here, it takes a little while even when I'm using offline notebooks. I'd be more than happy with a list of tags that would load quicker or for those of you that prefer to keep the thumbnails view, it could be a setting so users could choose which one they prefer (same as in the desktop client). I don't this is any difficult to implement and I'm hoping to see it in the next version.

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