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Add Attachments to Tasks



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This has been asked for in several other threads if you want to search around and add to the discussions there too.

You can, as you know, already add a task to a note and attach a document, email, image etc also to that note that contains the task -- so that the attachments are right there with the task when viewed at the note level.

This way is, no doubt, different from what some might want or expect (and different from what I know you are asking), but it is the Evernote-way of doing it. I create smaller notes and usually just have one task per note and it works great for me that way.

It is possible to have dozens or hundreds of tasks in a single note, but it seems to go against the grain of the design IMO.

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18 hours ago, egdavis1 said:

There are times when creating a task that I want to attach a document, email, image, etc. to it so that I can easily have all that I need to complete the task right there. 

I archive emails I wish to keep into EN if I want to attach an email to a task I just copy the relative email URL using Control+Alt+L then paste this into the task.  This also works for EN notes, Images, Documents etc.


Alternatively I can create the relative task inside the email note, document note etc.

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