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(Archived) New Computer - Tips On Moving Notes Over?



Hello all,

I'm soon to get a brand new iMac to replace my current MacBookPro and was wondering if there are any tips to moving my notes over to the new computer? Is it best to export notes on my old computer, copy them over and then import them on the new computer? Or just install Evernote on the new computer and sync?

Sorry, I'm sure this must have been covered before but I wanted to make sure on the best way instead of doing something stupidly wrong first time...



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If all your notebooks are synchronized, the easiest and most reliable way is definitely to install the Evernote software on the new iMac and let it do a sync with the Evernote server. If you have any local notebooks, though, you'll need to export/import those manually.

If you're going to remove EN from your old computer, of course be sure to do a final sync with the server before doing so, to be sure the server has the latest versions of all your notes.

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