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もう数年 Evernote のアプリがウェブ型になってから動いていません。



他の比較的新しい iPad ではなんとか起動しましたが、お世辞にも以前と比べると快適とは言えません。

不具合の発生している環境は iOS 15 and iPhone 7 or 8


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We run EN v 10.44 iOS successfully on an iPhone 6S+, with iOS 15.7.1. It is not fast, but it is acceptable.

The iPhone 7 and 8 are similar in their processing power to the 6S+, maybe 10-20% faster. The minimum system requirement for EN version 10 is iOS 13.


You need enough free space on the iPhone. Make sure to have several GB of free space.

After creating space, perform a „forced restart“ of the iPhone. Consult the Apple support pages if you don’t know how. The forced restart makes sure the iPhones memory is cleaned out, erasing possible bad data blocks left there from prior installations.

Then open the iPhone , and download the EN app from the AppStore. Log in, and let the app open in the foreground while it downloads the initial data from the cloud server. Make sure your internet is not cut while the download runs.

Don’t expect the app to run circles around you, but for normal use it should do.

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