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Help.. Export notes

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I have used evernote for a very long time, and have accumulated thousands of notes organized in a big tree of notebooks and sub-notebooks over the years. I also had premium a long time, but gave that up in 2016 for obvious reasons, so i have basic only now, and want to move all my notes to another platform.

Exporting all notes to an enex destroys my tree structure, so that is not an option, so i am trying to use tags instead to retain the structure, but in a catch 22 of some sort i am not allowed to do this because a lot of my notes is over the size limit for basic users. So evernote says that i must upgrade to premium, and i am not interested in that.

Exporting sub-folders is not impossible, but it is days of work, and i am also afraid to loose the integrity of my data.

So what can i do? I am stunned.

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What product are you moving to? Even if you were able to export your notes to your tree structure, would the new tool be able to import them and retain that structure?

Along these same lines, there are some external third-party tools that might be able to help you. Here is one that might be worth taking a look: 


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Problem is solved.

I have legacy version of the app in windows 6.xxx


This is how it went:

1. Locate all oversized notes by sorting and export them individually to enex files.

2. Delete the attatchments in those notes mentioned in pt. 1

3. Tag all notes in each individual notebook with "NB_notebookname" to retain notebook struckture

4. Tag all notes in each individual sub-notebook with "SNB_notebookname" to retain sub-notebook struckture

5. Export all notes to one big enex file.

6. Import enex into joplin

7. Recreate struckture by filtering by "tags" and moving into new Notebooks and then new Sub-notebooks

8. I'm free



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