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Why isn't there a microphone button on the iOS widgets? The widgets don't match the buttons in Evernote

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I have the buttons in the App itself set to Microphone, Camera and New note.

When I go to the Widget, it shows 4 buttons that don't match my home screen: New note, Camera, Tasks and Draw.

Is there a way to have these buttons match the ones inside the app itself? It would be very convenient to have the microphone immediately accessible on the Widget. I am currently having to use a separate app that I can automatically record and make notes in. I don't use Voice memos because I can't make notes in it.

If anyone has a workaround please let me know. If there isn't a solution, I guess I'll put a feature request in.

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I wouldn't recommend using the built-in voice recorder in Evernote as it will just lose your whole audio note if you go over the note size limit. (25 MB for Free, 200 MB for others.) From what I understand, it won't even give you an error message or warning and allow you to just save it to the local device.

I guess if you were using it for short quick notes that would be easily repeated if lost, it could be ok to use just directly in Evernote.

If you search the forums you see some recommendations for an app called "Just Press Record": https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Adiscussion.evernote.com+just+press+record

If you wanted to use Voice Memos:

  • You can use the Voice Memos app and then 'share' the finished recording to Evernote. This will create a new note in Evernote with your audio recording and then you can add notes to it.
  • You could also save the Voice Memo to the Files app and then attach it into an existing Evernote note.
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