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Security settings on shareable links

Rob Lucas


I often want to momentarily share notes with other people, but am concerned that the more notes I open up on the web with a shareable link, the greater the chance of unwanted access occurring. At present one has to remember which notes have been shared and actively revoke access to close these holes after a certain time.

It would thus be good if we could have the options to:

  1. set shareable links to expire after a given amount of time
  2. require a specific password for access via a shareable link

See e.g. Nextcloud for an existing example of these features, which works quite well.

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I think both of those are great suggestions.

For now one thing that you can also currently do (in case you didn't know already) that requires more effort is to search for all your notes that you are currently sharing with this syntax "sharedate:*". Then you could sort by date ascending to see which are the oldest notes that you have shared.

There are some other search tips like that listed in this thread:


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