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bring back the sync button

Scott McC


Yes I know that a manual sync option is still possible.

However, tapping through multiple options menus is frankly a pain in the...insert your favourite anatomical feature.

The inability to quickly and easily sync frequently results in conflicting notes for users that switch between desktop and mobile versions.  By placing a sync now button on the home screen of the mobile app, these annoyances will likely be reduced significantly.  At least that's what my experience was when there was a quick sync button.

So please, bring it back home!

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From what I have seen is that sync has changed with the new v10 clients. Even if the main sync infrastructure is the same, the way the v10 clients leverage it and implement it is new and different from legacy. If there were a sync button now, it would just call the same code that the v10 clients are supposedly running automatically now and we'd have the same sync issues that we currently have. I personally don't think the button is the solution (but could be a nice placebo), but rather what the CEO has said here:


> And most importantly, over the course of 2022, we will complete our multi-year journey to a more reliable, faster, and more modern sync architecture—the very backbone of the Evernote experience.

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