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Hi all,

One month ago I have purchased an 1 month premium subscription. Yesterday it expired but today I am still labeled as premium with 500mb ready to fill and no ads.

I planned to wait that the month expired and then to purchase a new 1 year plan, my idea was to try premium features before buy a whole year. I thought that after the month my account simply switch back to free plan. But this morning I have received an e-mail from evernote saying that they cannot manage to retrieve money from my credit card for the renew plan....but I haven't ever say to automatically renew it! I have bought only a month, I was going to buy the year plan this afternoon.

So I tried to eliminate my credit card number from account settings in evernote....nothing I can't leave it empty. So I tried to buy an year plan, but I can't because I am already premium. I don't want to simply change my payment option to the new one because I fear that they will go to take the money for another month plan instead of year one.

So that is my problem. How can I solve it. Do I have to deactivate something in my settings or what?

In order to make my situation simpler to understand, I have to say that the credit card used for the one month payment cannot be reused for a new payment. Because it is a virtual credit card, son of my real one, made for only one operation and with the exact of necessary money. Then it expires.

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If we fail to bill you on the anniversary of your first payment, then we may give you a "grace period" of up to four days where your account will stay Premium. This permits you to resolve the problem without any disruption in your Premium service. It looks like there may be a problem with this in your account if it won't let you subscribe again via this page:


I've adjusted your account so that you can go to that page and pay now.

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