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EN ios misbehaves far more often than EN desktop

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I use EN ios quite a bit and also EN legacy and v10 (at different computers).  I would say that although Legacy has far fewer features than the newest EN ios on my iphone, it is more reliabile.  I think v10 is also pretty reliable but perhaps not quite as much as Legacy (I know this is debatable).  EN ios, however, is definitely more buggy and these bugs often manifest themselves when I am out and about and relying on my iphone's EN.  The problems can often be resolved by closing and re-opening EN, or more usually, by shutting down and re-starting the iphone.  Today I was at an accountant's office and was trying to scan documents using Scannable.  Nothing appeared to be working ie: the scans were not showing up in Evernote, other items were not being properly shared to EN, the program was on endless sync etc.  Last month the same stuff occurred at an international airport in front of officials who were asking me for various documents.  It's OK to feel supremely organized when you are sitting in the comfort of your home, but highly annoying when you need info quickly in stressful environments.

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