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(Archived) Bug: "full size" link opens wrong note

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Using the preview.evernote.com/m site, when I select a note from some search results and then hit the "full size" link, a different note opens in the browser. The reason appears to be that the search context is forgotten in selecting the note to open: the original note says "Results 6 of 6," while the note opened by the "full size" link says, "Results 6 of 31."

(I reported this using the "feedback" interface but received no acknowledgment, so I figured I ought to post it here, too.)

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Thanks for the report, we've got a bug filed for this, should be fixed soon.

(We read all of the "Feedback" page submissions every day, but right now we don't do a good job of sending back an acknowledgment for each one. We're setting up a new support system that will greatly improve this in the next ~2 months.)


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