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Home improvements!



I participated in the Home beta and have since been using the feature on and off, but it just doesn't work for me at the moment. Here's my wishlist

1. PINNED NOTE WITH NO SCROLLING: I wish a pinned note could be embedded in such a way that the entire content would be visible without scrolling (if the content is small enough that is). This way I could use a pinned note to place a quote or an image on the dashboard. The way it works at the moment there seems to be a large frame/ padding around the note so the top of the note won't be visible without scrolling. It feels like the note never fits with the width of the widget, regardless of home much you try to adjust.

2. COLOUR CODING: I would like ways to color code the different widgets, at least in the heading.

3. IMAGE/ ICON WIDGET: I would love an icon/ image widget with the ability to add a hyperlink.

4. VERTICAL ADJUSTMENT: I would like to be able to at least choose whether my dashboard widgets should be oriented vertically or horizontally, if it's not possible to do both at the same time.

5. DASHBOARD TAB/ SEPARATE DASHBOARD: I would like to be able to separate the dashboard widgets into two or three tabs, like 'Work", "Private". Alternatively, being able to add two or three dashboards.

I've listed several features because I think the dashboard have to improve in several areas to be functional for the way I work. In the meantime I am happy to go back to my custom dashboard that I made before the Home feature was announced. It's far from perfect, but at least I can place the content exactly how I want (using tables).

For me, the pinned note widget, in its current form, is barely usable, as long as I need to scroll down or sideways to view my content.


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