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(Archived) Notes not saving


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I've been having problems with my notes failing to upload after editing them. I've read similar problems here and the advice was to upgrade to the forum version app. I did that. Previously, I was getting Failed to Upload errors and my note was not changed. Now, with the latest version, the app says the upload is complete but the note itself does not change.

Previously, when the upload were failing, the note would appear to change before the upload. In other words, the preview of the note in the notes browser would show the updated note. Then, when the upload failed, the note would revert its previous state. Now, in the new version, as soon as I save the note after editing, the note will show the orginal unedited version in the preview list. I get no error messages after I press Save, the note just doesn't actually save. It does say Note Uploading but it doesn't upload.

I tried creating a brand new note. After saving it said Note Uploading but again, no new note.

HTC Incredbile

Android 2.2

Evernote 2.5b1

Build: 112844

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I had to uninstall Evernote, reboot, remove Evernote SD card folder, reinstall and resync. Now everything works again.

I'm glad it's working but I shouldn't have to jump through those hoops. I suspect there is something seriously wrong with the current Android Market version.

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