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Bug: png base64 string is incorrectly saved in note.


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I have problem, that then I clip the note from browser then some notes can not show the images what is generating by Evernote clipper.

I am using Windows 10 and Edge browser both up to date. It seems to appear only then I use to Bookmark with Edge Web Clipper. And I only use Edge to look my notes and to clip new notes.

I opened the note source file with text editor and I can see there is problem that png string is quoted twice:

src= " '...

Am I the only one who has this problem?

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Mm, strange. I just checked the behaviour of the web clipper on my system (Chrome/Linux) and images get saved as files to an Evernote shard, not encoded in base64.

Can you try clipping something from chrome to see if there's an inconsistency between Chrome and Edge?

Could you paste a link to the site in question? Maybe it depends on how the site is serving the images itself.

-- edit --

just tried it out on the w3schools page for base64 in image tags. I have the same problem. maybe the string is being quoted for some security reason? could you reach out to evernote support about this?

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For more experiments I installed chrome browser and Evernote extension (Win 10). So everything brand new and up to date in this environment and bookmarked this same forum page. And I still get the same exact problem.

I also reported the bug to the support team. Hope there is a solution.

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It's possible there's a security reason for this behavior. I don't know how browsers parse image data, but a malicious actor might be able to do something nefarious here. Let's wait and see what support says :)

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