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Improved handwriting recognition using a better language model (i.e. GPT-3)

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I recently read an article about a guy who made a web service which allows writing websites using pen and paper.


Basically, users scan images of their handwritten notes and the service does OCR on them. The trick is to use GPT-3 in order to heavily increase the accuracy of the OCR. It works very well.

I thought that this approach fits very well to Evernote. Not only this would improve the current feature to search notes with handwritten images, this way it would be possible to convert handwritten images to text (transcribe them). I would love that, and I would pay for that.

For this to be useful it would need to work with languages other than English (Catalan, in my case), which I understand is more difficult (I don't know if GPT-3 has languages models for other languages).

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