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Evernote for Mac 10.23

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Update: We previously indicated that Evernote for Mac was now available as an extension via the right-click / Share menu. This was sent in error. It will appear in a forthcoming build.


Today we released Evernote for Mac 10.23.7.

It is available now via the Mac App Store and as a direct download version from our website. If you are already running one of these versions, we are progressively rolling out to compatible devices and the new version will be available on all supported operating systems within 7 days. To learn how Evernote delivers app updates, when you’re eligible for an update, and how to update your Evernote app, visit How Evernote delivers app updates to our customers.

New to Mac 10.23

  • To help you find what you're looking for even quicker, you'll now see a list of suggested filters at the top of the note list after you perform a search or add a filter.
  • We've improved how the app handles hyperlinks in tasks, so you can tap on more links in more places, and do more with them. For example: URLs in task titles, and links in tasks within a note.
  • If you're in the Tasks view, you can now sort your tasks by their due date, so it's easier to see what you need to work on first.
  • We made some improvements to the way the app handles dragging-and-dropping and copying-and-pasting files between apps.

Fixed highlights:

  • Open note windows may not have been retained at restart. They should now reappear where you left them after restarting.
  • We made some adjustments to improve note typing performance for some sporadic typing lag reports.  
  • On Mac, the 'Learn Spelling' option wouldn't show up if the app couldn't also find an alternate spelling to suggest. This should now be resolved.
  • Occasionally, Chinese or Japanese words would disappear from a note. This now resolved.
  • Miscellaneous editor and calendar bug fixes.

Let us know what you think and we appreciate the continued feedback. We will keep hard at work! Thank you!


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