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[Request] Include customized scratch pad titles in the converted note title

Stacey Harmon


It would be super functional if, when assigning a custom title to a scratch pad, that scratch pad title was included in the note title that is created when I convert the scratchpad content to a note.

So, for example, I've renamed one of my scratch pads "Business Capture":


When I convert it to a note, I'd like to see the title as "Business Capture – <date, time>" or "Business Capture Scratch Pad – <date, time>" vs just "Scratch Pad – <date, time>" like it is now:



Adding this contextual information automatically to the note title would make the multiple scratch pad widgets option for Professional and Teams accounts so much more functional (and slick) for me!

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Exactly the idea I was searching for, I absolutely support this micro-QoL improvement!!!!! I just got a year subscription and am not especially looking forward to updating every daily scratchpad note title. I'm glad the time and date are included in converted pad titles already, but I would LOVE it if this feature were added.


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