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Evernote for Windows 10.19

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Today we released Evernote for Windows 10.19. This is primarily a bugfix release.

It is available now via the Windows Store and as a direct download version from our website. If you are already running one of these versions, we are progressively rolling out to compatible devices and the new version will be available on all supported operating systems within 7 days. To learn how Evernote delivers app updates, when you’re eligible for an update, and how to update your Evernote app, visit How Evernote delivers app updates to our customers.

New to Windows 10.19

  • After you duplicate a note, the app will now focus on the new note instead of the original.
  • Duplicate notes now have "copy" at the end of the title, so sorting or deleting them is a snap. We also increment the copy number for multiple copies of the same note.
  • You can now search your tasks list by assignee name, so it's easy to see who is responsible for what.
  • Notes can now be easily created via “Send to” option on Windows. How to add Evernote (or any program) to the Send to option here: https://www.pcmag.com/news/how-to-customize-the-send-to-menu-in-windows

Fixed highlights:

  • The loading spinner that was intermittently being shown at start up on top of notes should now be resolved. This delay could have been up to several seconds.
  • Merge notes - sometimes HTML and web clips during merges would be lost in the merge.
  • Tasks assigned to you sometimes wouldn't show up in your tasks list.
  • If someone assigned a task to you inside a shared notebook or space, then stopped sharing that notebook or space, all your assigned tasks would disappear.
  • If you updated a reminder or due date using your keyboard, the app would sometimes forget your changes.

Let us know what you think and we appreciate the continued feedback. We will keep hard at work! Thank you!


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