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(Archived) web page content not syncing



I am using EN on a MacBook and an imac.

Today I noticed that some pages I had clipped to EN would not sync properly. If I clipped on the iMac, the page content would not sync to the MacBook, and vice verse (although the URL and page title syncs).

On the server, most of the clipped web pages have content, but two of them do not.

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Yes. Lots of recent errors on both clients.

I should also mention two things:

1) For some reason I have an older smaller Evernote folder in the main Library > Application Support folder, as well as the one in my User. Have no idea how that got there, but will have to chalk it up to accidentally moving it out and then restoring it to the wrong place. Just thought to mention.

2) Since posting this, I have deleted the Evernote folder from the MacBook and resynced with lots of errors and the same web clips devoid of content.

If it helps, the web pages in question are commerce engines (amazon.com, walmart.com, kmart.com).

Thank you.

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I've completely uninstalled every vestige of EN on both machines, reinstalled and resynced. One of the culprits seems to be amazon.com and other commerce sites (but not all). And the issue is more with the MacBook than the iMac, but both seem to be affected to some degree.

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