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Tasks features expansion



Right to the point...

  • Subtasks of tasks
    • Have a task comprise of other subtasks in a similar UI to this bulleted list I'm currently typing
    • Completing all subtasks can then mark the parent task as complete
    • Example could be... A user keeping track of chores for the day
      • The parent task would be "Complete Chores"
      • The subtasks would be "laundry", "vacuum", "grocery shopping", etc.
      • The user would check off each subtask as they were completed
      • Once all of the subtasks are marked as completed, the parent task is also marked as completed
  • Ability to reference the instances of tasks between notes
    • If I create a task with subtasks. I could then reference any task, parent task, or subtask (individually or in groups) in other notes
    • Example could be... A student creating a study guide
      • Parent task of "Read Chapters 1 - 3"
      • Subtasks on that parent task for "Read chapter 1", "Read chapter 2", and "Read chapter 3"
      • Then they can create a new note for each chapter, reference the corresponding subtask in each note, annotate their notes for the chapter, and mark each subtask as complete as they go along to track what they've studied

I love the new tasks feature, it may very well convert me from a free user to a subscribed user once the early access is over, but with how I'm currently using Evernote, this subtask feature combined with the ability to reference specific instances of tasks/subtasks would be an absolute game changer.

Feel free to reach out in any way about this. Thank you!

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@Jack Lynch

Yessir this would make me upgrade to premium.

I'd argue that the subtask feature on its own should be a basic feature. Then the ability to reference specific instances of tasks would be applicable to premium.


But the combination of the two would really set Evernote apart from other applications I've seen.

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