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Feature request for the Tasks bar



Hi, i tried to use the new Tasks menu.
It's a great feature and I was waiting it for a very long time. Good job for finally developing it! It opens a lot of possibility now for tasks and project management!

But there are still missing a few features that would be very essential to my workflow and that would make it a solid task and project management tool that could compete with Asana, Todoist, etc. 

Here it is:

- Add the possibility to write a description in each task. Every task management app offers the possibility to write a task description to a specific task. Very useful when we need to write complementary info, details, phone number and so much more. Just having the possibility to write a task title is not enough... 

- Add to possibility to create a sub-task within the task. Very useful when we have to deal with a huge task that needs to be cut out in short bits.
Example: Call all my customers for follow up

  • Call bob
  • Call Jim
  • Call Suzy
  • Call Robert

Because we don't have the subtask functionality right now, I would need to create 4 different tasks. But in some case this is very essential to regroup tasks within a tasks. 

- Give us the possibility to create customized due date. As of now we have "Today", "Tomorrow", "Next monday", "Next week". For my workflow, I would need to create customized due dates such as "3 months", 6 months", "10 days", etc. So you could add a button "Create a customized due date button". 

- Add the possibility to assign a specific task to another Evernote user. In the context of team work, it would be huge for project management!! I could create a Task Notes with the name of my project (ex: Create new website). Than, I could write all the tasks that needs to be done within that project. And I could also assign certain tasks of the project to my team members with who I shared the projet notes. 

If you add theses features, it would be a top tool that could easily remplace Asana, Todoist...

Thanks for considering it!

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