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I would so pay just for evernote as an intergrated service......mash that clipper into my apple notes ecosystem and im thinking en could be not dead!

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SO, imagine this, you never actually use the evernote interface. you simply pay for it premium as I still need ot for the kick ass services like clipper, mail note to, pdf stuff, camera note taker (still best for ios) but it simply uses ios notes icould as a repository of the en note data. omg this would actually be a cool pivot from them both ios and en 10. on ios and mac osx atleast MAYBE ANDRIOD IS BETTER A STANDALONE BEASTgo for a a (yes use the new responsive back end) en 10 ..... service that apple plug. SO this would cost nothign for en they just use the notes api, and at the same time im sure apple would be stoked that they can pan en note taking epicness into the core ios notes app. Store the notes in ios icoud and at the same time pull that ios note list to en web and other devices for a smooth viewing and taking of notes interaction.

I havent been using the en interface at all lately, not due to en 10 design, but more the fact as i mature in my note taking i realise that less is more. i used to maintaim 10000 notes never really getting value now just 40 notes and im killing it in all respects.



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