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(Archived) Maximum number of Notebooks

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I got an interesting error message today when I created a Notebook, put in a few notes and then tried to sync, it would not let me sync as it said I had too many notebooks.

I deleted a few notebooks (sadly) and tried to again sync but the notebook I created (which would not previously sync) still would not sync as I guess it was made a local notebook only when I hit the notebook limit.

I've now cut back on the notebooks but this along with tags was how I organised my notes and I was wondering are there any other limits like this that are likely to occur?? I'm wondering as this limit will require that I completely change the way I use Evernote and would have preferred to know this earlier (although in fairness its probably mentioned elsewhere).

For the record I'm using the latest Mac version of Evernote and (as its hard to count so many notebooks) I have approximately 72 notebooks and would think after some reorganisation the limit hit at 75 notebooks.

Thanks, this is just a curiosity question only as if thats the limit then thats the limit, I have masses of information and just found it easier to use a combination of tags and notebooks.

PS I just tried to recreate the error by creating a few notebooks and if my previous count was right then its the 76th notebook that won't sync


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I saw that post and a few more relevant ones during my search thanks and although I said I use the latest version of the Mac client, I do indeed also sparingly use the windows version as well.

I was more curious of any other not widely know limits as while I use tags extensively on both Evernote and my Mac, tags can only do so much with a lot of notes and when you find a limit by reaching it, your options are somewhat limited in fixing everything up.

I'm just curious on say if there are limits on anything else within Evernote other than the monthly upload limit and obviously notebooks as while I have used the forum search tool extensively I was curious if anyone had found any other limits or simply know of any other not widely known limits.


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