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Evernote Web Clipper Not Working & Paste Freezes Note

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I am trying to share a web page to my Android Evernote app (Evernote 10.6, Android 11, Pixel 2XL). When I click on "share Evernote" in the Chrome drop down menu, I get the Evernote clipper but it says "Loading"  (with notebook icon). If I click on " Loading", nothing happens. It does not let me select a notebook. If I go back and click on "Save", it says "clip saved", but the clipping note is nowhere to be found in Evernote. I created a new notebook and tried to make it the default, but it is not letting me specify a default notebook in the Settings. Screenshots are attached. I am going around in circles. I tried to cut and paste the article into a new note but the note freezes. That pretty much makes Evernote useless to me. Can someone advise me how to fix this?




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