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Evernote online freezing. Windows 10

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For a while now, Evernote freezes in the online version.  Many times, as soon as I bring up the program, it will freeze and ask if I want to wait.  Waiting doesn't help.  I like the online version but this is terribly unpredictable.  Sometimes it works great, but most of the time it will end up freezing and I will have to close the window.  I love Evernote, but I wish this would get resolved.  It requires me to use the downloaded software, which does not have the same issue.  This happens on at least two different systems.   All software is up to date.

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Yes.  I tried others and thought I had it working and that I could live with that.  But alas, it ended up freezing there too.  Sometimes it will work for hours before it freezes.  But then again sometimes it freezes as soon as I click on the first note.

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I came here searching due to the same issue.

I found that clearing the cache in Chrome helped once, but then it continues to happen again.  Furthermore, clearing the cache means it doesn't auto log me in on my other sites that I have auto open every time I start Chrome which is a PITA.

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