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Wasted space in the Evernote macOS sidebar

Jan Peeters

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The new design of the sidebar takes a lot of valuable screen estate for less urgent functions. This space could be used for recent notes, shortcuts, and notebooks. Currently the "need a little help" and Send Feedback" buttons take approximately four notebooks, shortcuts or recent notes lines. These functions can be easily found under the help menu so why have them here? I would love to loose them.

Further more the forth and back buttons at the top use very much space while they physically occupay only a small part. Why not place the username dropdown besides them?

Love to hear your thoughts,

Best, Jan

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That's exactly what I was thinking. Why is this "Need a little help?" box sticky? It's really ANNOYING :(

The username also takes valuable screen state. I'd rather see more notebooks than my own username or this "Need a little help?" annoying sticky box.

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