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Hide "Saving..." and "All changes saved"



When I'm trying to concentrate on writing, it's very distracting to have the "Saving..." and "All changes saved" constantly changing back and forth. I understand the need to see if notes are updated, but there has to be a less distracting way to indicate this - or let those that want to hide the bottom status bar do so. I've resorted to moving the window to the bottom of my monitor so I can't see the status bar and/or typing notes in a different app and then copying and pasting into Evernote.

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I would love this feature too. 

If this were implemented, it would be great if it weren't just implemented for "Full Screen" or "Focus" mode.  Some applications will allow you to hide distracting elements, but only in a "Full Screen" or "Focus" mode.  The problem with that is that many of us use windows side-by-side, not full screen, for instance if you have a large monitor, since most large monitors these days are widescreen.

@Vadermaus, another option would be to use an app that lets you pin a window on top, and just stick  that window over the distracting element.  I use and love PNotes for this, although there are lots of apps that have this functionality.

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