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Home disappeared?


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I've had the Home dashboard on my desktop computer running Windows since it was officially announced. However today the dashboard is gone. All the other left bar options are still there. I exited the program and reloaded but program still gone. 

The desktop previously had version 10.6.9. However, it's now running EN for Windows 10.5.7 build 2171; I don't know why it has reverted. When I check for updates, the program says that 10.5.7 is the latest update. The "Welcome" section of the release notes talks about Home, but it's not there.

My laptop still has Home; it's running 10.6.9. Both machines are running Windows 10. 



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Hi Evernote-friends, 

Same problem here on my Imac desktop. I can't find the home button anywhere and there is no option to enable or disable the home button. 

I was really looking forward to this dashboard, and now I can't find it. 

Who can help please? 

PS. For completeness: On the web-version the button and the dashboard are present, but not on my downloaded version, thank you  

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I solved the problem by downloading 10.6.9 on the desktop. Don't know why 10.5.7 wouldn't recognize that there was a newer version of EN available. Also don't know why I had 10.6.9. on the desktop and somehow reverted to 10.5.7. But, all good now.

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