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(Archived) evernote.com/m and pdf

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I'm very happy to learn about the https://www.evernote.com/m site. I will use it a lot on my Env Touch with Polaris browser. I think you should promote this more. I've been a user for close to a week and I just learned about it after hours of reading through the forum.

I want to be able to read the text in a pdf from the mobile site. I know it's possible with the Polaris because I can read them as email attachments to the wap mobile UI for gmail.

Also, is there any reason to not be able to have a drop-down menu for tags, rather than to have to enter by hand? I would rather filter by tags than by Saved Searched. I had to go through and make a saved search for all the contents of each notebook.

Thanks again for providing this important UI for users of phones other than smart phones and PDAs. Evernote has just become 50% more useful for me!

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