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Issue with [10.6.9] and Edit Tags Shortcut

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Is anyone else having problems with the keyboard shortcut for Edit Tags (Ctrl+Opt+Cmd+T)?  I pulled up my keyboard viewer to make sure the buttons are all registering.  I verified that the popup functions when opening from the menu.  I just can't get the shortcut to trigger it.  I'm not seeing any other conflicts in system preferences.  Any other ideas?

I've also noticed that for me to add tags, I can't simply use (Cmd+').  I have to also use shift and hit (Cmd+").  When I was having these issues on my old MacBook Pro, I just assumed there was a weird compatibility issue.  Now I'm running on a brand new M1 MacBook Air that I haven't had time to crud up yet.

Open to suggestions.

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Jop, exactly the same problem. I have a swiss german keyboard layout. No clue if that has something to do with it...

Also the same problem with 10.7.6

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