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(Archived) Lost Notebook in Evernote!

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Hey guys, I this may be a lost cause but I have just realized an entire notebook is missing from my Evernote collection! I have been using Evernote heavily on my Mac and PC and have not had any problems. I mostly use the web clipper and rarely have to access the information. But when I did look today I noticed that one of my notebooks is gone! It had nearly 100 notes inside. Any ideas on what happened? Any chance I can recover this in any way? *Crosses fingers* :D

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Was this a normal (synchronized) notebook, or was it a local-only notebook on one of your desktop clients?

If it was synchronized, do you see any of the missing notes in the Trash? Or if you search for them, do you find them in a different notebook?

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It was a synched notebook. And, it is missing on both my MAC and PC. I looked in the trash and found about 5 of the notes, but those could have been from when I miss clipped a page or double clipped something... I'm not seeing the bulk of what is missing.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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