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Bug? Drag and drop between notebooks only moves ONE note

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10 hours ago, Vee Van ***** said:

Even if I have multiple notes selected, when I drag and drop between notebooks WITHIN Evernote, only one note actually moves. So if I'm trying to move 15 notes, I have to individually select and drag/drop 15 times.

IMO, this is a bug. 

Currently you can not select multiple notes and then drag and drop them into a notebook. I believe EN are working on improving this.

The current method is to use the blue multiselect menu that pops up whenever you select two or more notes. Not nearly as convenient as drag and drop but quicker than doing them individually. All operations on multiple notes are incredibly slow (even adding a tag) so if this is something you do alot I would stick with the legacy version.


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Just UGH. I knew about the menu, but I've been using Evernote quite literally since the second week of the public beta. And so it's totally ingrained in my psyche to drag and drop notes. 

This rewrite (NOT an upgrade) is AWFUL. I've gone back to legacy. For now. And I'm experimenting with OneNote.

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