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Make a new note in notes



Hope Evernote have a function like Obsidian, can make a "New" note  within a Note.  Now EN can linked the notes by using internal or URL links (Poor V.10 not as easy as old version, just drag and drop).  But If needed to add link, it need to open the master note in new window and copy link and paste. ( or jumping btw. notes, if they are in different notebook(mostly), will be very poor experience.  


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Trying to expand this out for the Evernote developers:

  1. While editing a note, I  would press a special key [[ "bracket bracket" or @ followed by a Note title
  2. Application offers me to relevant Notes' titles. 
  3. If Note title exist, I will end up with an internal link to the note
  4. If Note does not exist, I will end up having a new note in the default Notebook.

This feature exists on modern note taking app like Obsidian and Notion. Please add this to Evernote.

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