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Due Date for tasks (checklist)



I use Evernote to capture all my meeting notes and tasks/actions and when each task is due.  I find it makes life easier to have the meeting notes and context in the same place as the task/action. 

Can you add a 'smart' due date feature, whereby a user can enter, for example:  Due date = Today,  Tomorrow,  Next Wednesday, etc, or bring up a monthly view to select appropriate date.  It would be great if these dates were also taggable or searchable, so that we could search through and display all notes with tasks due on a particular day or week.

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I second this! In a meeting last night I was adding a checklist and different items had different urgency, I found there was no way to deal with that in Evernote so was jumping between Evernote and reminders, not a massive thing but it did interfere with productivity as I missed or had to stop to note a few things. 

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