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Where did "copy image" go?



Prior to installing version 10 there was a separate "copy image" context menu item that let me copy images (for inserting into Messages or emails).  Where did that go?   Using the remaining "copy" context menu item on an image results in a tiny question mark being pasted in Messages (instead of the image itself) from the Evernote note.   Help!



v 10.3.7 build 2018 public
Editor: v111.0.14414
Service: v1.22.6
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I've been using Evernote Legacy (Version 7.14.1 (458325 Direct)) because it still has a functioning "Copy Image" command in the context menu.   When will "Copy Image" be added to the non-Legacy version?   I was reading about the new Home feature in Evernote and that sounds nice and all but if I can't do the "Copy Image" command like I can do in Legacy, then I'm going to stay in Legacy and miss out on all these new features.

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