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I'm using this camera program on my Verizon Droid Incredible. V2.2.

Evernote asked if I wanted to use this camera instead of the stock program. I indicated I did, but even though Evernote opens vignette when I choose to take a snapshot note, after the picture is taken, I am not returned to Evernote to send the picture. I uninstalledbEvernote and reinstalled? But the problem remained until I went back to using the stock camera. Is There any chance of getting vignette to work with Evernote?

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I'm having the same issue with my HTC Desire, I have tried this with two roms (opendesire, Cyanogen) neither worked with vignette yet both worked with stock camer app.

@ lukw_w Until this is resolved you can just take the photo using vignette then open evernote and use the upload file option to manually select the image. Im guessing you will loose geo-tagging? but vignette is a better app

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