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How do I create a check box on a list??

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How do I create a check box when I’m making a list on a new note?

This new update SUCKS! I could manage for what I use this app for before but after this new update I’m so frustrated I’m considering canceling it and finding another app for making shopping/grocery/to-do lists! Ugh!!

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This is my first post so please be gentle.

If you are making a list with one item per list then the checklist option from the toolbar is your best option. Just like a bullet list but with boxes you can checkoff. 

One really useful feature in the latest version is that if you start a line with square brackets followed by a space Evernote creates the checklist automatically which is a great timesaver as you don't need to take your hands off the keyboard. 

If you need multiple tick items per line then you'll need to go with checkboxes which are only available via the '+ INSERT' button.

I find for rapid capture of action items such as shopping / to-do lists, this works really well and is supported in both the mobile, web and desktop apps.

I hope that helps.

Checkboxes and Checklists.png

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