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  1. I'd be interested to know whether the markdown style shortcuts in the current version of Evernote are widely known and whether there are others I'm unaware of? When I found out about these they were a real productivity boost for capture and formatting notes. These all work as the first characters on a line... # (hash+space): Large Heading ## (hash+hash+space): Medium Heading ### (hash+hash+space): Small Heading * (asterisk+space): bullet list 1. (1+fullstop/period+space): numbered list [] (open square brackets+close square brackets+space): checlist --- (dash+dash+dash+space): divider Combine these with bold, italic, underline - CTRL-B,I,U or COMMAND-B,I,U and I can create great looking notes incredibly quickly. I've attached a screenshot which might better illustrate the shortcuts. Let me know if there are others I've missed!
  2. I'd echo that the web version of Evernote 10 is pretty capable. I use it at work where I can't install the windows client. Although I miss some of the things the old could do, having feature parity between web, mobile and desktop is such a plus point for me. Knowing the pages render the same on any platform was my most wanted feature for version 10 so I was very happy when it was released. Given that the new Evernote is based on Electron / Javascript (I believe) it should make a Linux port a possibility as they wouldn't need to write and maintain another client. I suspect the team are pretty busy with other priorities at the moment 🙂 but I'm hopeful that a Linux version is more likely that ever to be a possibility. Fingers crossed!
  3. This is my first post so please be gentle. If you are making a list with one item per list then the checklist option from the toolbar is your best option. Just like a bullet list but with boxes you can checkoff. One really useful feature in the latest version is that if you start a line with square brackets followed by a space Evernote creates the checklist automatically which is a great timesaver as you don't need to take your hands off the keyboard. If you need multiple tick items per line then you'll need to go with checkboxes which are only available via the '+ INSERT' button. I find for rapid capture of action items such as shopping / to-do lists, this works really well and is supported in both the mobile, web and desktop apps. I hope that helps.
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